Our mission is to create unique, high quality silver jewelry designs that inspire and empower our customers. We believe that jewelry should not only be beautiful, but meaningful as well, and we strive to create pieces that tell a story and evoke emotions.We are committed to using only the finest materials and techniques to craft our handmade jewelry designs, ensuring that each piece is of the highest quality and made to last a lifetime. We value the unique qualities of each piece and take pride in creating artisan jewelry that is truly a piece of wearable art.

Our beloved founder, Sheyla began her professional career as an attorney, but soon felt called towards Christian ministry among university students in Mexico and around the world, helping them to grow in their calling and purpose in life. She spent many years in this fulfilling and rewarding role, but eventually, God called her to become a missionary in Texas with a local church. While searching for a way to support her household and continue serving others, she discovered that designing jewelry was a passion of hers. Growing up near the world-renowned silver mines in Taxco, México, she had always been fascinated by the craft. So, with a desire to create meaningful, high-quality jewelry, Ziga Rucci was born. 

At Ziga Rucci, our founder along with her husband, Dan, believe in Fair Trade practices and aim to support the artisans who bring her designs to life. They have implemented the best practices and values into the making of the company, ensuring that they stay true to their mission. 

Each of Ziga Rucci's collections is inspired by the founder's heart and the desire to encourage and inspire others. Wearing a Ziga Rucci piece is like having a coffee with Sheyla and listening to her words of advice and encouragement. In addition to creating high-end beautiful jewelry, Ziga Rucci is committed to supporting causes close to their hearts, such as helping children and students. By choosing to wear Ziga Rucci's jewelry, customers are not just accessorizing their outfits, but they're also enabling the founder, Sheyla, to continue serving others. 

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